Bryony Walters

Bryony is full of enthusiasm and ideas to continue the success of Swim with Style in Shawbury.

She has a very much hands on approach from teaching all levels and ages and is a joy to have on board. She is keen to expand with Swim with Style brand and take it to its full potential. So if you know of any pools near you such as hospital or hydrotherapy pools, school pools, private clubs, hotels or resident pools do let her know! She is also keen to take on more staff, so do drop her a message on here or through her Facebook page Swim with Style Shawbury New Page if you know of any swimming teachers or indeed would like to become a swimming teacher yourself.

The joy of running within a small warm pool gives Bryony the opportunity to know all of her pupils and parents/grandparents so well it really is like one big happy family!

Bryony has vast experience of how to run a successful business she previously ran her own gym. and have no doubt that she will do well with us.

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